Internship and Freelancer Application Specification

In the internship working model, we add value to you by measuring your success in the field of training and placement in Ayas Tourism Global Trade group in parallel with your career. We help you with the opportunity to work after your school. You are evaluated with tests in line with your school grades and company status report. It integrates your social grades, including the internal behavior you get from these value tests. In this way, in line with your career and personality, Ayas Tourism Global Trade offers and places you if it deems it appropriate to recruit you as a department.


In the freelancer working model, if the employees want to recruit as an employee of Ayas Turizm Global Ticaret, with a commission working system based on each economic contribution value, they offer and place them if you wish.


Part time work is not a freelancer. That's why we prefer to work as a Freelancer with the person or people who adapt in line with our preferences.


Application Specification Content


1- Your CV or Portfolio should be sent to our related department via e-mail. The e-mail address of our related department is İletiş


2- Those who are considering working as a freelancer are required to indicate in which field they want to work, with their resume.


3- It is obligatory to be able to read-write-speak at least one foreign language.


4- Being open to education is part of our commercial philosophy. For this reason, it is in our specification that every individual who will represent us is open to education.

We wish you continued success.



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